For all of us who know, Rock and Roll we as well know that it is one of the most popular genres of music in the world. This popularity contributed to the idea of the Rock and Roll Marathon Series. Rock and Roll Marathon series is an event that puts together traveling, entertainment (mainly music), and running. This Rock and Roll event are open for those willing to participate in the series and those who are just present to watch.

Rock and Roll Marathon Series first took place in San Diego, CA back in 1998. Over the years, it has become a significant event that takes place in around 30 cities every year. Rock and Roll series is the largest running series in the world. The series has about 500000 people involved in it every year, and it attracts more and more each year. Some of the cities the rock and roll marathon series passes through include Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Mexico City.

Rock and Roll Marathon series is comprised of live bands, cheering groups, and volunteers. The morale and general atmosphere during the series are high and excited as people attend to have a very good time. After the race, there is a festival where all are welcome. You can have fun with your friends and family at the live concert that takes place at the festival. It may sound like an event that is all about running, but it is mainly about music. Big names in the rock and roll industry are always present to put on thrilling performances for the fans.

Several running activities occur during the rock and roll marathon series where there is a range of different distance races participants can choose from. Medals are given to the participants who achieve certain levels or win races. Awards are important because they give you a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and truly earning something. A challenge medal is presented to participants who join the two days of running activity, and heavy medals are given to participants who join the tour to multiple cities.

Rock and Roll Marathon series is about the small moments and memories gained from the experience. It is about bringing people together to participate in the series together. Rock and roll series is there to motivate you to accomplish the personal goals you have set for yourself. For those who love running and racing this is the event for you. On the other hand, for those who prefer not to run, the rock and roll marathon series ensures you have a good time spectating and being entertained. In Las Vegas, there is a ‘strip at night’ run at night. This is one of the interesting activities that happen during the marathon series.

The rock and roll website has information about the marathon series. Information is provided there to help you find a race that is convenient for you. Besides, participants of the Rock and Roll Marathon series are given access to the Rock and Roll series radio. It is a 24-hour station that was developed for Rock and Roll series runners where you can listen to Rock and Roll music. Rock and Roll marathon series radio is available on your device whether it’s your phone or laptop. The station is available everywhere you go as you travel through the cities. Rock and Roll marathon series guarantee a pleasant experience. Traveling to great cities, great music, and entertainment along the way and you get to meet new people and even foster new friendships.

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