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Band Beginnings
The Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians was started in 2002. Only at the time, the band was under a different name; Mornington Drive. Guitarist and vocalist Luke LaLonde, bassist, and vocalist Mitch DeRosier, and drummer Steve Hameline formed the band in Midland, Ontario. In 2004 the band moved to Toronto which is where they started to get success from their energetic live shows, wit-filled lyrics, their sounds that’s a cross between Vampire Weekend and Modest Mouse, and a strong online fan base following. After the move to Toronto, they officially became Born Ruffians.

First Success and Record Deal
The Born Ruffians recorded a demo that helped get them signed. Warp Records releases its music in North America. Paper Bag Records releases its music in Canada. XL Recordings Records takes care of their music releases in Europe. In 2006 they released their first EP which was titled the same as the band’s name.

Debut Album
The band created their first debut full-length album -Red Yellow and Blue- in 2008. Red Yellow and Blue’s track list included their popular song Hummingbird as well as the songs: Red Yellow and Blue, Barnacle Goose, I Need a Life, Little Garcon, Badonkadonkey, and Foxes Mate for Life, Hedonistic Me, In a Mirror, Kurt Vonnegut and Red Elephant. Born Ruffians performed Hummingbird in an episode of the TV series Skins -a British drama centered around the lives of British teens- later the same year Red Yellow and Blue came out. Hummingbird received quite a bit of radio airplay by CBC Radio 3, as did the band’s cover of the Grizzly Bear song: Knife. Red Yellow and Blue had excellent reviews from music critics, but it wasn’t as big a commercial success as Warp Records was hoping it would be.

Sophomore Album
Say It was the second album of the Born Ruffians and was released in 2010. They added a new band member for this next album. Andy Lloyd joined as a keyboardist and guitarist for them. The second album had the songs: Oh Man, Retard Canard, Sole Brother, What to Say, The Ballad of Moose Bruce, Higher and Higher, Come Back, Nova Leigh, Blood The Sun and Water, and At Home Now on it. This second album met with a combination of good and bad reviews from critics. Many critics and fans felt Say It just didn’t have the same quality songwriting as past Born Ruffians music. Writing the songs primarily in the studio may have also worked against their creative process than helped them out. The band chose to take a break before writing again.

Luke LaLonde’s Solo Album
While Born Ruffians went on a brief hiatus the band’s lead singer and guitarist recorded a solo album. Luke LaLonde’s Rhythymnals featured his soft, light almost hopeful-sounding vocals and an alternative sound with a similar wit and musical whimsy as the music Born Ruffians typically made. Rhythymnals were recorded from 2010 to 2012 and were officially released by Paper Bag Records in 2012. The track listing includes: Grand (Rhythymnals), Hate the Night, Inamorataos, Undone, Shove Off, My Friend Archibald (R.I.P.), Red Wagon, Calm Down, Wave, and A Great Man. Rhythymnals was well received and praised for its creative melodies and harmonies.

In 2013 Born Ruffians returned with their third album. Birthmarks were completed while the band was traveling and while they were in a rural area of Ontario. This move to stay out of primarily writing music in the studio proved to help the band return to their creative roots and resulted in a wonderful assortment of indie rock songs. The songs Needle, 6-5000, Ocean’s Deep, Permanent Hesitation, Cold Pop, Golden Promises, Rage Flows, So Slow, With Her Shadow, Too Soaked to Break, Dancing on the Edge of Our Graves, and Never Age make up the parts of Birthmarks. The original drummer Steve Hamelin quit the band permanently after the first part of their tour promoting Birthmarks. The drummer Adam Hindle joined Born Ruffians after Hameline left.

Ruff: The Fourth Born Ruffians Album
The Born Ruffians released their fourth album in 2015. Ruff was a strange step into the adolescent-like rude and yet gleeful attitude in the lyrics and the Born Ruffians’ beats and stop-and-go guitar sound. Ruff was viewed positively by fans and music critics alike. Born Ruffian’s fourth album was made up of the songs: Don’t Live Up, Stupid Dream, Yawn Tears, Don’t Worry Now, When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away, & On & On & On, Fuck Feelings, Eat Shit (We Did It), We Made It Let Me Get It Out and Shade to Shade.

Band Tours
Their touring destinations have led them throughout Canada, North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. The Born Ruffians have toured with the bands or musicians Caribou, Tokyo Police Club, Franz Ferdinand, Peter Bjorn and John, Hot Chip, The Hidden Cameras, The Honorary Title, Girl Talk, Stereolab, Architecture in Helsinki, The Hold Steady, The Drones, Cut Off Your Hands, Four Tet, Tame Impala, El Guincho, Jay Reatard, Buraka Som Sistema Dj/Mc set, No Age and The Temper Trap.

Most Popular and Notable Born Ruffians Songs
The most played songs from the Born Ruffians on YouTube start with Needle as most played. The band’s other most popular songs include Oh Cecilia, Hummingbird, I Need a Life, Little Garçon, What to Say, Don’t Live Up, Barnacle Goose, Foxes Mate for Life, and Ocean’s Deep. Hummingbird is maybe their most notable song as they performed it on the show Skins and it was played in a United Kingdom televisions advert and in an Australian car ad. Little Garçon additionally was in an American Express commercial.

Current Band News for Born Ruffians
Currently, the indie rock band Born Ruffians is touring in support of their latest album Ruff. They will be touring at venues in Europe and the United States this spring 2016.


Las Vegas was basically known for its elaborate casinos. However, Las Vegas has quite a history of Rock and Roll performers and shows over the years. Back in the 1960s the Beatles appeared in Las Vegas which contributed to the public fascination with Rock music.

From the 1960s on the popularity of Rock and Rock continued to increase and Las Vegas began to have regular Rock and Roll performers appear and exceptional performances seemed to follow.

Several of the Vegas casinos have regular Rock and Roll concert events as well as Rock and Roll shows and footage from past years. The Vegas strip has become a popular entertainment center that continues to fascinate the public.

Born Ruffians is a Canadian-based rock group that has become increasingly popular since 2004. Born Ruffians consists of four members that have performed numerous times in Las Vegas. This extraordinary group will be returning to Las Vegas throughout 2016 for additional shows.

A special Marathon Headliner Concert is scheduled for later this year and will take place on the Vegas strip. All information pertaining to this marathon is available online. In addition, a special “Run as Elvis” event is scheduled to take place around the same time as the Marathon Headliner Concert. Perks T-shirts and wrist bands will be given out at this event.

Rock Performers that have performed in Las Vegas over the years include Van Halen, ACDC, DJ Snake, Rod Stewart, and many more. These big-time names have appeared numerous times over the years at various locations throughout the downtown area.

The Hard Rock Hotel will be holding special Rock and Roll concert performances throughout the month of April. Performers that will be appearing include Eric Church, David Cross, Volbeat, and others. Eric Church and Davis Cross have become increasingly popular over the years and they always seem to be welcome back into Las Vegas.

The Scorpions and Brian Wilson will also be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel throughout the month of July. Tickets can easily be purchased online for these up-and-coming events.

ACDC is another famous Rock group that has appeared in Las Vegas several times over the years. ACDC is expected to make another appearance in Las Vegas before the end of 2016. ACDC has had quite a following since the group first came into existence. ACDC was an Australian-based Rock group that first performed in November 1973.

Brian Johnson and Malcolm Young started the group ACDC. ACDC has sold over 20 million records and they continue to make live appearances worldwide. Their first appearance along the Vegas strip was in the Spring of 1974. The group became extremely popular within less than a year.

Las Vegas up-and-coming events include the Rock group Boston. Boston will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in July 2016. This is expected to be a complete sell-out. Dennis De Young will be making a live appearance on July 15th. Dennis De Young is the founder of the Rock group Styx. Howard Jones is also expected to appear throughout the month of August 2016.

The Go Go Dolls will be performing in Vegas in September 2016. The Go Go Dolls will be appearing at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. The Go-Go Dolls are also expected to draw quite a crowd.

Las Vegas has quite a history of famous Rock and Roll performers. It is important to check the schedule for specific times and dates. The summer of 2016 is expected to be a spectacular Rock and Roll fun-filled summer.


Born Ruffians has appeared in Las Vegas and it seems to have drawn quite a large crowd. Las Vegas has had Rock & Roll performers appearing since the 1960‘s. Some of the first Rock & Roll performers that appeared in Vegas were the “Beatles” back in the 1960s. In the 1960’s Rock was certainly a new concept. This new concept quickly became a favorite form of entertainment for millions of Americans.

Born Ruffians was a group that was formed back in 2004. The group has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. Las Vegas has helped make the group even more popular then before. Born Ruffians is a Canadian-based group that has made its mark within the United States.

Las Vegas has created an atmosphere that has made Rock & Roll more popular than ever. Some famous performers that have appeared in Vegas include ACDC, Van Halen, Adam Lambert, and many more. The “New Tropicana” in Las Vegas seems to be the place where you can purchase tickets to attend a variety of their Rock performances.

Las Vegas Tickets.com is the main website that sells tickets for Las Vegas performances. The website supplies a variety of useful information to the public including show dates, times, and ticket prices. This is the easiest way to secure your tickets for the next Las Vegas concert performance.

The Las Vegas strip is no longer a haven for those who enjoy casino gambling. Rock and Roll concerts and extraordinary shows have made Las Vegas a popular entertainment place. In addition, to live performers, Las vegas have created some extraordinary light shows, video clips of past performers, and an atmosphere that reflects a Rock and Roll era from decades ago.

Entertainment of this type even appeals to older groups of people. Those who were fairly young at the time the Beatles became popular do enjoy the Vegas shows a great deal. Tickets for these special events sell out very quickly. Vegas has put together one of the best celebrity tribute spectaculars ever.

The Flamingo also hosts various shows as well as concert events. Legends in Concert has several performances scheduled throughout the month of April 2016. The extraordinary costumes, the make-up, and the actual performances make for one exciting evening.

Born Ruffians members include Adam Hindle, Luke Lalonde, Andy Lloyd, and Mitch Derosier. Steve Hamelin was a former member of Born Ruffians however to date he is no longer with the Born Ruffians.

Revue Magazine has published several reviews as well as articles pertaining to the success of the Born Ruffians. Born Ruffians have cut and released several CDs as well as albums. If you are fortunate to make it to Las vegas you can witness one of the best performances given by the 12-year-old group that has become a worldwide name.

Born Ruffians Vegas performances will take place throughout various months in 2016. Birthmarks and Ruff are two of the more popular albums in which their best songs are recreated in live concert performance shows. Red, Yellow, and Blue is another popular album that contains some of their best work since their discovery over a decade ago.

Born Ruffian’s performances in Las Vegas have changed the way people view Rock and Roll. This extraordinary group attracts as much of a crowd as the original casinos did back in the day when casinos were a new concept. One can only speculate that the popularity of Born Ruffians will continue to grow.


The indigenous Santana band spotlighting in Las Vegas, after 43 years was a reunion of a lifetime. In 1973 when Carlos Santana guitar vocalist last performed on stage, in concert along with members Greg Rolie, Neil Schon, Michael Carabello, and the drummer Michael Shrieve. The band revealed their true sentiments, they seem to themselves as a tranquil impact in chaotic times. The members of the band, believe similar things are John Lennon and Bob Marley, “that music in someone’s heart can alter fear”, Santana said. One of the most momentous about playing with Carlos is it is just phenomenal.

Memories abound from a momentous time, nearly 50 years ago. The Beatles made their first appearance with other premier entertainers. No one expected this mania. Top Las Vegas performers Marty Allen and Steve Rossi, were on the program for the Ed Sullivan show. Ear piercing screams from the fans, making it virtually unimaginable to even hear them. Ed in his comical mannerism had to scold the crowd to tell them to quiet down. He joked and threatened to make the comment that he would have to contact a local barber to cut the Beatle’s hair if the screaming continued.

That night was genuine mayhem. Even though the other popular stars were well known and loved, the fans on that night were focused on no one but those four Beatles, Paul, Ringo, John, and George. It was the first time that this type of occurrence electrified the massive crowds the way the Beatles did. The streets were lined with limos before and after the show. But before anyone was aware of it, the limos were at a standstill surrounded by fans. Twenty thousand zealous teenagers stormed the limousines.

For many years Las Vegas has been the spot for bright neon lights, shiny colorful sequins, and men smeared in blue paint. Then some lively, exciting people, tried to clarify, the true meaning of the popular music of the Beatles. But for the heartfelt hardcore rock and rollers not much was developing on the hot Vegas strip on a frequent basis….until presently. Las Vegas has ultimately emerged to offer all those kids growing up in the 60s and 70s, those who today still turn up the unique sounds of Zeppelin and AC/DC. Embrace and feel at home at the Raiding The Rock Vault. These stars brought storms of people which also brought the Rock N Roll parties that people will never forget. From the expensive party favors to the strippers and Las Vegas Escorts, These rock bands sure knew how to bring the party. This is where “sex Drugs and Rock’ N Roll” began.
Rockit, a very trendy band in Vegas is performing huge hits. This outstanding band of five promotes members from different bands, to launch this topmost band. They bring in mega audiences. 1 Nation DPl has returned. They are once again producing an exemplification of the ultimate that Vegas Escorts has to present. To get the full impact of this talented band you have you have to see them and encounter it. A combination of modern recognized dance jingles, jumbled with old-school, black and Hispanic origin with a touch of rap. As well Rhythm and Blues, all these exclusive styles is from one band.

Las Vegas Escorts

Almost Famous is a red-hot band in Vegas. They play a vast diversity of most listened-to tunes. This is the utopian band for all special events. The band Almost Famous is made up of experienced artists that you will ever have the pleasure to hear. They perform an absolutely tremendous show. Arena pays praise to many musicians. Ashley Red seemed to have surfaced basically out of nowhere. After winning a contest, they opened for Bon Jovi. Clockwork is the revolutionary celebration band for the generation of the 1960’s and the 1970’s. They have the knack to captivate and set goals for worldwide dance and DJ star attractions.


For all of us who know, Rock and Roll we as well know that it is one of the most popular genres of music in the world. This popularity contributed to the idea of the Rock and Roll Marathon Series. Rock and Roll Marathon series is an event that puts together traveling, entertainment (mainly music), and running. This Rock and Roll event are open for those willing to participate in the series and those who are just present to watch.

Rock and Roll Marathon Series first took place in San Diego, CA back in 1998. Over the years, it has become a significant event that takes place in around 30 cities every year. Rock and Roll series is the largest running series in the world. The series has about 500000 people involved in it every year, and it attracts more and more each year. Some of the cities the rock and roll marathon series passes through include Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Mexico City.

Rock and Roll Marathon series is comprised of live bands, cheering groups, and volunteers. The morale and general atmosphere during the series are high and excited as people attend to have a very good time. After the race, there is a festival where all are welcome. You can have fun with your friends and family at the live concert that takes place at the festival. It may sound like an event that is all about running, but it is mainly about music. Big names in the rock and roll industry are always present to put on thrilling performances for the fans.

Several running activities occur during the rock and roll marathon series where there is a range of different distance races participants can choose from. Medals are given to the participants who achieve certain levels or win races. Awards are important because they give you a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and truly earning something. A challenge medal is presented to participants who join the two days of running activity, and heavy medals are given to participants who join the tour to multiple cities.

Rock and Roll Marathon series is about the small moments and memories gained from the experience. It is about bringing people together to participate in the series together. Rock and roll series is there to motivate you to accomplish the personal goals you have set for yourself. For those who love running and racing this is the event for you. On the other hand, for those who prefer not to run, the rock and roll marathon series ensures you have a good time spectating and being entertained. In Las Vegas, there is a ‘strip at night’ run at night. This is one of the interesting activities that happen during the marathon series.

The rock and roll website has information about the marathon series. Information is provided there to help you find a race that is convenient for you. Besides, participants of the Rock and Roll Marathon series are given access to the Rock and Roll series radio. It is a 24-hour station that was developed for Rock and Roll series runners where you can listen to Rock and Roll music. Rock and Roll marathon series radio is available on your device whether it’s your phone or laptop. The station is available everywhere you go as you travel through the cities. Rock and Roll marathon series guarantee a pleasant experience. Traveling to great cities, great music, and entertainment along the way and you get to meet new people and even foster new friendships.


Las Vegas has quite a history behind it as far as rock and roll is concerned. The Las Vegas scene began to change back in the 1960s. Rock and Rock became popular back in the early 1960s. las Vegas has seen its share of Rock performers over the years.

Las Vegas has held live shows for over 60 years. Recognizable Rock stars that have performed in Las Vegas include the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, the Eagles, ACDC, Van Halen, and many more.

back in the 1960’s Las Vegas saw its share of famous faces. Janis Joplin, the Beatles, and Alice Cooper all performed in Las Vegas back at a time when Rock and Roll were considered something new and a bit out of the ordinary. People would come from all over in those days just to get a little taste of this new music called Rock. No one knew at that time how huge Rock & Roll would eventually become.

The Tropicana in Las Vegas has hosted spectacular Rock and Roll events over the past few years. In 2015 famous Rock Stars performed at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Speedwagon Guitarist Dave Amato, performed at the Tropicana throughout February 2016. Dave Amato drew large crowds at the Tropicana last month. Amato was the lead guitarist for REO Speedwagon.

This live “Rock & Roll” concert experience has turned Las Vegas into a Rock haven for many of people. This extraordinary concert experience with some of the most famous Rock stars is made possible through the use of video, light shows, professional dancers, trained actors as well as High-Quality BOSE.

The Vegas light shows bring so much to life for visitors. The light shoe along with the video and the extraordinary dancers make the Vegas experience all the more special. Real historical footage from the past 45 years helps to bring the Rock experience to a whole new dimension. The footage makes you feel as if you a living a piece of history all over again. The well put together footage takes you back to a period that covers 1960-1990.

From time to time guest artists also have joined the show. Artists include Bobby Kimball, Mickey Thomas, Joe Lynn Turner, Lou Graham as well as Jon Anderson. Anderson and Graham were a part of the group Foreigner.

The Las Vegas Sun Times ran several articles about the fascinating entertainment being offered especially at the “New Tropicana” in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Rave reviews have certainly helped businesses along the Vegas strip.

Raiding the Rock Vault in Las Vegas has featured such names as Stephanie Calvert (Starship), Howard Leese (Bad Company), Robin Mc Auley (Survivor), Rowan Robertson, and many more. Paul Shortino and Michael T Ross are also part of the Rock experience in Las Vegas. Paul Shortino and Michael T. Ross received several standing ovations during their appearance in Las Vegas.

Doug Aldrich also raided the famous Vegas Rock Vault back in August of 2015. Traci Guns also performed at the “New Tropicana” in Vegas. Tickets for this exceptional Classic Rock Concert Experience were mainly purchased online.

Helpful show reviews are also available online for anyone considering attending the Class Rock Concert Experience in Las Vegas. All concert and show information is available with specific dates and times. Vegas is helping people create the perfect memory with the spectacular Rock shows as well as some of the original Rock stars themselves making an occasional live appearance.