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1-Escorts in Vegas are not hookers. They are there to help you have a good time, and they will be in your arm when you go out. They will look great, and you will have a nice talk. That is all you can expect, but it will be fun.
2- You can get brunette escorts in Vegas, Asian Las Vegas escorts, blonde Vegas escorts, or exotic escorts in Vegas. You can pick someone you like the look of, and you can even learn what she is interested in. That helps you have the best time with a girl that is fun to talk to.
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4- There are mature escorts in Vegas if you prefer to hit the town with a cougar.
5- You can get escorts for a bachelor party in Vegas so you all have a good time.
6- You can meet them anywhere in the city you want before your date. You can let them tell you the best places to go, and they will give you a tour of the city.
7- They can also help you make sure that you are having good luck at the tables. You can gamble in the casinos with your escort as your lucky charm, and she will really enjoy watching you win money. That is part of why she lives in the city. She loves the atmosphere, and she will be your lucky charm all night.
8- Escorts are great at parties, and they will help you have a better time if you are not really someone who enjoys partying. You might not be able to find a party on your own, but the escort you hang out with will help you find the party and have a good time at the same time.
9- Escorts are normal people. They have lives and boyfriends to go back to. They like to have a good time with you, but they are not there to start a relationship. Make sure that you are enjoying your time with them because this is not the start of a romance like in Pretty Woman.
10- Escorts will change clothes and go to different events with you during the day. you can ask them to meet you when you are going to a certain event, and they will show up dressed just the right way. They will help you look great, and they will make you feel great because it is like you are getting the wife or the girlfriend experience on the town.

Every escort can show you a good time, and you just need to pick your favorite one.